Frame Options

Frames are all custom-built by Jennie. Each frame is burned to darken the wood, and then coated with a clear finish to protect and enhance the details of the wood grain. The resulting look is a rich burned wood with beautiful grain and occasional knots that accent the artwork. Depending on the print, a colored mat board backdrop of up to two inches surrounds the print. You may choose from the different frame styles (below). Occasionally lighter colored frames made from Cedar or Douglas Fir are available as well, please inquire for frame and mat board customization options!

Simple Charred Pine

The original Charred Pine frame with glass to help protect the longevity of your print, safeguarding it from dirt, dust, spills, smoke, etc. Frame thickness is 1.5” and depth is 1.5”. The print is floated off the mat board, giving the frame a shallow shadow-box look.

Elegant Charred Pine

Elegant Charred Pine is a thicker frame (2” thick, 2” deep) that gives your print a sophisticated look with a larger, bold outline. It is framed with glass to protect the artwork. These frames are slightly heavier but they are worth their weight in style, functionality, and protection!