I’ve decided to create a blog! I’ll try to update regularly with new content about my process as an artist, media, and other musings. Thanks for reading! Here’s a little about what I’m working on now.

My most recent project is a series of fish prints. This series started as a set of four endangered fish of the Colorado River, and as the ears and eyes perked of a few fly-fishing friends, has evolved into an ongoing production of many different species of local and introduced Colorado fish. As of now, I’ve made prints of eight different species (see Prints for my latest!) and am currently working on a brown trout to add to the collection. I’m so grateful to friends and family who have bought prints from me, enabling me to continue buying new materials and making more. I intend to continue this series until I run out of fishy ideas, adding more and more variations and species… so stay tuned!

I’ve been reflecting on the fact that around the same time I began this fish series, I also started learning how to fly fish (thanks Dan!). I caught my first fish in 2013 in New Zealand, and it was one of my most exciting moments of the year. Looking back on this unintentional coincidence, I think that the parallel has given me an even deeper connection to these fish. Fishing inspires my work, and my work inspires my continued growth as a fisher-lady. Just as I grow more confident fly fishing, I can see a change in my screen prints over time that shows a subtle and steady growth with the medium. The more time I spend fishing and printing fish, the more intrigued I become with the patterns, shapes and life of each species as well. I think this way of learning and making connections is an often over-looked benefit of creating art, especially with making a series of work, and it deserves more recognition!